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JA Launch Lesson

Introducing the JA Launch Lesson Initiative

National Entrepreneurship Month, which occurs every November, is a time to honor and celebrate entrepreneurs all over the country. The JA Launch Lesson initiative, sponsored by Ernst & Young LLP, scheduled to coincide with National Entrepreneurship Month, will put entrepreneurs into high school classrooms across America during the month to share what inspired them to start their own businesses and to open students' eyes to the opportunities provided by entrepreneurship. 

JA knows that now, more than ever, young people need to learn what it takes to be successful in the business world so they can launch businesses and contribute to our global economy.


JA Launch Lesson Impact Numbers*

Students - 228,734
Classrooms - 8,366
Entrepreneurs - 3,623
*Total Impact over the past 6 years
Entrepreneurship Month accentuates current JA programs by bringing an inspiring entrepreneur (or a panel of entrepreneurs) into the classroom for one hour during the week to share his or her experience with students. The program is designed to be simple for the entrepreneurs to implement, but impactful for the teens participating. This program is the perfect springboard for students' exploration; JA Connect™ Entrepreneurship provides a portal for curious teens to explore a wealth of entrepreneurial topics.
What makes this initiative different is that it is an intensive experience designed specifically for today's up-and-coming business owner who might not otherwise have time in his or her busy day to engage as a mentor to young people. JA believes it is important to provide young people with an opportunity to engage with entrepreneurs to help them better understand the challenges and benefits of starting a business.

National Entrepreneurship Month in your community

To find out about National Entrepreneurship Month activities taking place in your community, including virtual opportunities, contact your local JA Area office.

Contact your local office

View JA Launch Lesson Documents About JA Launch Lesson Documents

JA Launch Lesson

For more information about the JA Launch Lesson program, visit the JA Launch Lesson program page.

JA Launch Lesson | Student Introduction

This brief video can be used by teachers or volunteers to introduce students to what they will experience during JA Launch Lesson.

JA Launch Lesson | Volunteer Orientation

This brief video provides JA Launch Lesson volunteers with an overview and tips about the JA Launch Lesson experience they will lead.


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