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Workforce at JA

A New Vision for Expanding Career Pathways

Two young people working together on a project.

Image caption: The JA Workforce initiative, tailored for young adults aged 16 to 21, is carefully crafted to harness our extensive expertise, volunteer network, and existing program materials.

In a bold step forward, Junior Achievement is venturing into new territory, extending our mission beyond the limits of K-12 education. The initiative, announced in 2022, marks a pivotal moment in our commitment to supporting young adults through the crucial transition from high school into the early stages of adulthood.

This expansion into the workforce space is fueled in part by a three-year grant from the U.S. Department of Labor. It represents our dedication to addressing the complex challenges faced by young adults navigating the delicate phase between youth and full-time employment. We recognize the significance of this transitional period in shaping individuals' economic mobility and future prospects.

The JA Workforce initiative is carefully crafted to harness our extensive expertise, volunteer network, and existing program materials. Tailored for young adults aged 16 to 21, the program is focused on providing work experiences and essential tools to navigate this critical stage effectively.

Our multilayered approach integrates personalized coaching, credentialing opportunities, and connections to employment. Through one-on-one guidance, participants receive education and career development support, strengthening their decision-making skills and enhancing their career aspirations.

We offer avenues for credentialing, including industry-recognized certifications and JA-created badges. Our emphasis on skills-based resume tools empowers participants to articulate their abilities and employment history effectively.

Additionally, we're committed to expanding our local organizations and establishing partnerships with diverse organizations, educational institutions, and workforce development boards. By amplifying our presence at the economic development table, we aim to foster a more inclusive support environment for young adults.

For participants, the JA Workforce initiative serves as a gateway to explore and prepare for career paths aligned with their passions. Simultaneously, it provides local businesses with a pipeline of skilled entry-level workers, fostering opportunities for upward mobility.

As we roll out this initiative, we're not just advancing JA's mission—we're redefining it. Together, we're inspiring and equipping young people to thrive in a global economy, catalyzing positive change in both individual lives and broader communities.

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