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Our Future For Youth Education In Abilene Texas


Wouldn?t you agree that our youth, both boys and girls, have a right to education? Would you believe that our youth are neglected? Educating our youth is not just about being ready for a job. Education helps us understand so much more. Education teaches us about our rights. When we are aware of our rights we make sure that our rights are respected. Our rights are the choices that we make. Understanding our rights allows youth to make choices and take advantage of their rights into adulthood.The Big Picture for EducationOur future for youth education in Abilene Texas comes from our parents, teachers, schools, churches, and volunteers. These people help shape the minds of our community like molding a piece of clay for the future. Education is more than a job. If a student learns about personal health then this knowledge can be passed onto the family. The family that receives this knowledge can then act upon this knowledge. You see, education is not just about a job, it?s about knowing what choices we have available.The World Wide Web provides access to large amounts of knowledge. Google, a very powerful search engine, allows us access to this knowledge. It is said "Knowledge is Power" and the knowledge that we can research is very powerful indeed. It connects us more to the global world view, allowing us a richer understanding of what is happening around the world. However, learning from a real person with real experiences is critical. Learning from real people does several things for us. It helps us learn about emotions, feelings, and how people communicate. Knowing how to communicate is just as important as the education that we receive. Not only do we need to learn about being healthy, but also we need to know how to communicate this to other people. This is why parents, teachers, friends, family, and mentors are so important.Education from real people and mentorsWhen we learn from real people vs. Google we have a far more powerful and memorable experience. We are able to catalog this memory along with emotions. This helps us recall what we have learned, but also how to implement this knowledge in the future. Since our choices can be based on our feelings this is important. Mentors provide a view into their experiences and their life experiences. Often times these experiences are a mix of learned lessons and how to make better choices. This is critical for when you stand at the cross roads to understand your choices. You are able to think back to what was learned from a mentor. This allows us to have a clearer understanding of our future without having to throw caution to the wind. Mentors have been a very important part of business for hundreds and thousands of years. They provide us not only knowledge, but also wisdom to make virtuous choices.Education is not about finding jobs. Education is about functioning in the world, understanding our past, present and future. It helps us develop our wisdom and vision of the world so that we can make better choices. There is only a few ways to gain this view and that is through the eyes of the people we encounter. The more people from around the world that we communicate with the more developed our wisdom and vision becomes. Think of this like looking through different lenses. Each lens gives us a different view. This is why being a Mentor for the youth is so important. It gives others a view of the world that they may someday need to be successful when making their choice. Consider being a mentor today for Junior Achievement of Abilene.

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