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Meet Misti Collier - 2014 JA of Abilene's Volunteer of the Year



Image caption: Misti Collier

Over 200 adults volunteer their time each year with nearly 5,000 students in the public school classrooms of 6 Big Country school districts by teaching Junior Achievement?s principles of work readiness, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy. By sharing their personal and professional experiences and skills with students, volunteers help students understand the skills they will need to succeed in life and proactively manage their finances. The dynamic interaction between the volunteers and students in the classroom is what sets Junior Achievement curriculum apart from others as the information is brought to life. Junior Achievement is a fulfilling experience for students and volunteers alike.This is especially true for Junior Achievement of Abilene?s Volunteer of 2014 recipient Misti Collier. Professionally, Misti is a Mortgage Loans Assistant at the Abilene Banking Center operated by Coleman County State Bank. Misti volunteers with JA in multiple classrooms on multiple AISD campuses each school year. Upon being asked about what keeps her going back to volunteer time and time again, Misti shared, "I keep volunteering with JA because I?ve seen students? walls and barriers come down and their excitement toward a vision of seeing themselves as successful adults build up!" It is no surprise that Collier has seen this reaction in the classroom due to her approach that she described as "? I give all of myself to the students every time I teach with JA."Clack Middle School?s 8th grade Career Connections teacher Mrs. Kelly White commented about Misti?s involvement in her classroom: "Misti did her best to engage the students and found multiple ways to form a bond with the class. She would turn the classroom activities into competitive challenges and also added a reward system to the JA curriculum which got the students involved. Misti showed her deep commitment to the students by spending her own money on these rewards. I recall Misti assuring the students she would miss being at Clack when JA was over."Junior Achievement has so many amazing volunteers like Misti! Ultimately, Junior Achievement strives to empower young people to own their future economic success. For as little as an hour per week (for 5-8 weeks), local volunteers can inspire and prepare young people to achieve their economic success in the Big Country! Click here <> to sign up to be contacted about volunteer opportunities through Junior Achievement of Abilene.

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